PR is an effective tool in promotion campaign, creation of a positive image and reputation among target audiences, and increase of their loyalty. To achieve good results it is necessary to implement a strategic approach to meet the communication challenge. It means the analysis of information and competitive environment, clearing out strengths and weaknesses of the company or a project, defining communication objects, target audiences, forming the key messages and transmitting them via nessesary channels of communication.

4D provides services for developing and implementing the PR-strategy with a possibility to engage in communication at any stage of the process both within the framework of one-time PR-support or anti-crisis campaign, and subscription PR-service.
If there is no marketing department in your company, 4D offers a service «Outsource marketing». It means a full or a partial handover of marketing and advertising functions to the Agency. We are ready to audit your marketing campaign, develop a strategy and control the complex of marketing, create a full set of activities to promote the company, etc.
For a company promotion and creation of a successful image among potential employees, partners, key stakeholders, for stuff adjustment and retention a strong HR-brand (or Employer brand) is a must.
HR-branding is a complex of targeted activities to create a positive image of an employer and a constant interest in the company among best specialist in the field.

Our experts implement the range of services to create a gradual HR-system:

• Company audit and analysis of the structure relevance and effectiveness;
• Formulating recommendations to aligning the HR-processes;
• Designing the HR-system and HR-brand and techniques for implementation;
• Creating a set of activities for the implementation, education, consulting, evaluation effectiveness.

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