Every company no matter what field they work in face the need to organize some kind of event. Depending on the audience all the events may be divided on 3 groups:
• Client events are organized for the current or potential customers, for example, open doors, presentations, festivals, test-drives, etc.
• Corporate events are national or professional feasts, sport and family activities for personnel, team-buildings, quests, etc.
• Events for Media and government, such as commemorations, opening ceremonies, presentations with the heads’ participation, press conferences, tours, briefings

4D team will be glad to help you to organize any kind of event:

• Creating creative ideas and unique scenarios
• Professional stage directing of the performances and fests, film production for the corporate events
• Decorating your event from sketches to turning it into reality (costumes, mere distractions, flowers, invitations, etc.)
• Technical support of the event (lighting and sound equipment, stage prop, decorations and costumes manufacturing)
• Also, celebrities’ booking, catering, photo- and video-providing, souvenirs, presents
• Business event – professional conferences, trainings, seminars, symposiums at high level – is an important area of services we offer to our clients

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